Powering the Future: USAID COMET Annual Report October 2016 - 2017

USAID COMET Powering the Future Annual Report 2017


Another year has ended with success! The USAID COMET project ends its third year with a finely integrated MekongSkills2work Network consists of 11 Mekong Learning Centers (MLCs) as the core leadership institutions in the Lower Mekong countries. The MLC representatives have been trained on the USAID COMET curriculum and model and engaged in ongoing capacity building activities with the USAID COMET project.


The 2017 Labor Market Assessment report and the new look of MekongSkills2Work Network portal were also released to the public as we continue the innovative lead to create youthful and skilled workforce in the Lower Mekong Subregion.


Find more details of our Year 3 achievements in the USAID COMET Year 3 Annual Report. Click below to read on full screen.