Summit Reflections: Making MS2W Stick and Grow


Article By: Kenneth Bartlet

I’m recently back from attending the successful MekongSkills2Work (MS2W) Network 2nd Leadership Summit. The theme, “Powering the Future” was appropriate given the dawn of a new horizon of work. The second day of the workshop included a focus on the importance and tactics to make change stick. The “institutionalization of change” can be more simply described as the process to embed change so it becomes the new way teaching and learning occur at each Mekong Learning Center (MLC).

The institutions in the MS2W Network have embarked on dramatic change in the way instructors teach and students learn the skills needed for the 21st century workplace. Change to new instructional methods, project and work-based learning, and industry partnership represent a major break with traditional ways of teaching. To make a lasting change to adopt these new approaches to student-centered learning requires effort and planning to make change stick and grow.

In this and the following blog some of the best practices used by MS2W Mekong Learning Centers to make instructional and learning change stick will be shared. The details of these best-practice were shared during the Leadership Summit.

Dr. Aung Win, Acting Rector and Administrator of Myanmar MLC at University of Technology, Yatanarpon Cyber City (UTYCC) noted that “time is needed to change pedagogical practice to improve work readiness skills.” To assist with institutionalizing change, UTYCC has focused on linking specific strategies to:

  • Professional development
  • Industry linkages
  • Graduate skills development

The approach UTYCC is taking to make the changes at their MLC stick shows the effort, time, and planning needed along with the need to make modifications when it becomes clear that institutionalization of the change is not at the levels required.

The two-part goal of each MLC is to firstly make lasting change by embedding or institutionalizing the changes in teaching and learning. And then secondly, to grow and expand the MS2W Model across the institution. In this way, future change is built on successfully embedded change in a planned and sustainable method.

Notes: The author, Prof. Dr. Kenneth Bartlett, gave a presentation at this leadership summit, titled “Institutionalization of the MS2W Model: Make Change Stick and Grow.” The presentation is available here >