MekongSkills2Work Powering the Future is the 2nd Leadership Summit

Powering the Future Summit 2018

Powering the future is the only option we take! 

When preparing for the future won’t guarantee the kind of future we want to see, the MekongSkills2Work Network organize the MekongSkills2Work Powering the Future -- 2nd Leadership Summit, taking place in Bangkok during January 16 -17, 2018. 

The MekongSkills2Work Powering the Future will bring representatives from youth, higher education, government officials, and private sector partners together to celebrate best and emerging practices and prepare young innovative minds for the 21st century workforce. 

The 2nd Leadership Summit will feature new, original, and dynamic sessions by experts that will showcase how to “Power the future” like Women in STEM, roundtable discussion, Let’s Innovate and Transforming Education with MekongSkills2Work Approach. 

Let’s look forward to powering the future!

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