Texas A&M team wins Invent for the Planet global design challenge


Second place team from Myanmar to travel to Texas A&M and collaborate on solution

More than 400 students participated in Invent for the Planet, the 48-hour global design challenge hosted by Texas A&M University, in February. But in the end it was a team right here in College Station who took home the grand prize - an opportunity to present at the VentureWell OPEN Minds Conference.

Since the grand prize also included a trip to Texas A&M, the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program decided to open that opportunity up to the second-place team - a team from the University of Technology in Yadanabon Cyber City, Myanmar, so they could collaborate with the Texas A&M team.

The Texas A&M team -Illumi-Nite - developed a platform that can be used to hold LED (light-emitting diode) lights for children in developing countries without access to electricity. Team Edu-LIGHTER from Myanmar developed a power source for the same need statement. By combining both innovative ideas, the teams will be able to collaboratively produce a complete solution.

"We're very proud of Team Illumi-Nite for coming up with such an innovative idea in just 48 hours, and I'm thrilled that we were able to invite Team Edu-LIGHTER from Myanmar to come to Texas A&M," said Rodney Boehm, director of the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program at Texas A&M. "This was a global competition and I can't wait to see these two teams collaborating together, in person, on a solution to a real problem."

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