About Us

MekongSkills2Work Network

Partner with education and training institutions to create a skilled, market-driven workforce. Connect job seekers and industry. Promote economic development, civic engagement and ASEAN integration.

The MekongSkills2Work Network is coordinated by USAID’s Connecting the Mekong Through Education and Training project. The network fosters innovation in the Lower Mekong, supporting the goals of the Lower Mekong Initiative. Promoting ASEAN integration, the network is endorsed by the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting for Education.

USAID COMET, through the MekongSkills2Work Network, strives to:

  1. Improve youth employment by ensuring that the education and training young people receive provides them with in demand, market-driven skills that are sought after by employers in high-growth industries
  2. Promote gender-balanced employment in key growth sectors through the dissemination of teaching and learning materials, activities and practices that support gender equity and awareness
  3. Increase and support the application of technology-based learning solutions in universities and technical colleges by equipping instructors with technology-driven tools and strategies to strengthen the learning experience
  4. Create, connect and grow business and academic networks in ASEAN, increasing access to information and opportunity across the region
  5. Partner with businesses to ensure that the workforce training provided by technical and vocational institutions aligns with real workforce needs
  6. Connect employers to potential hires who are well-trained, highly motivated and who possess the skills needed by the region’s high-growth industries

MekongSkills2Work is a network of youth, education and training institutions and industry partners collaborating to strengthen the regional workforce. Join us and help create economic growth opportunities in our region.

MekongSkills2Work Illustration