Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Type of Institution: University/ Public

Types of Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD

STEM+AT Areas of Focus for Grant: Science, Technology, Engineering

Total Enrolment: 18,000 students

Faculties in MS2W:


Total No. of Instructors

Total No. of Students

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME)

  • 89 faculty members including 22 PhDs, 47 Masters

  • 7 training programs

  • 4,000 formal FME students

Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FEEE)

  • 102 faculty members including 20 PhDs and 61 Masters

  • 6 Departments

  • 7 programs

  • 4,000 students

Faculty of Vehicle and Energy Engineering (FVEE)

  • 45 faculty members including 11 PhDs and 22 Masters

  • 4 Departments

  • 4 programs

  • 2,000 students

Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE)

  • 48 faculty members including 17 PhDs and 27 Masters.

  • 4 Departments

  • 5 training programs

Overview of Institution and Motivation for Joining MS2W:

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE) emphasizes the priority of its traditional strong technical and engineering fields (e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc) and pays much attention on the high outcome quality of students. To do that, HCMUTE is strongly aware of the importance of industrial/private feedbacks, constituents’ desires and the simultaneity of theory and practice in the overall training quality and students’ working readiness at their graduation. Therefore, USAID COMET grant is an in-time support to strongly improve the key people (also the proposed lead instructors) of the proposed Faculties and then they will immediately help disseminate the obtained approaches to the whole members of their Faculties by means of training workshops and daily work. This dissemination can be multiplied to other local education institutions because HCMUTE is frequently receiving delegations from other universities in the Southern of Vietnam to visit and learn experience about teaching methodology, training and education management, international integration development, and quality assurance, etc (e.g. Can Tho University, Khanh Hoa University, so on).

HCMUTE is self-confident that it can be one of the best organizations in Vietnam that can help spread out effectively and strongly the MekongSkills2Work to other education institutions around the area. For all the above mentioned facts, HCMUTE expects to further improve achievements, especially in the human resource capability of utilizing the innovative pedagogical approaches to raise up the working readiness of students. Also, HCMUTE, with its key role in the education system of Vietnam, can strongly spread out the Mekongskills2work model to other educational institutions; faculty members, thus together with them help ameliorate the education quality of Vietnam to a higher level. It is committed that the entire granted budget will be effectively used for and only for the development of the ability of the faculty members of the participating departments, especially the 4 Lead instructors. In addition, the university will immediately develop a special policy for the Lead instructors, e.g. offering significant extra monthly income from HCMUTE’s own budget; reducing teaching load to focus more on how to integrate MekongSkills2Work into curriculum and teaching methodologies; off-work time for writing Sourcebook contents to later transfer to other colleagues, etc.

No 1 Vo Van Ngan Street, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc District
Ho Chi Minh City
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