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Bridging the gap


What am I going to do with my life!?”

The student stands on the subway tracks- a half-eaten granola bar in one hand and the unmistakable smell of instant noodles on their breath; a reminder of last night’s midnight snack and of a worrying streak of forgetting to brush their teeth in the morning. Gross.

But. Things are about to change. Well, first they have to get on the subway. And ignore the man next to them who has definitely fallen asleep standing up. Impressive, but there are bigger fish to fry. As the train starts to move, the students mind wanders…

“How am I going to meet that deadline?”

“How am I going to find a job?”

“I don’t think the sleeping man is wearing deodorant”

“If it’s called Final Fantasy, why are there thirteen of them?”

Too many thoughts, not enough time. And the sleeping man is now drooling. Gross… but still kind of impressive.

What do we do when our minds wander and we feel our productivity and motivation start to slip away? When the existential weight of decisions not yet made starts to make our shoulders slump? When we have a million things to do and the STRESS IS OUT OF CONTROL?!

Yep, we go on our phones.

Which is where you are right now! Reading the words of a guy you’ve never met. Research says I have another 2 words to capture your interest before you scroll away. Employment! Pineapple!

At this point, you’re probably wondering who the man on the subway is. A fair question. Well at least on one occasion it has been me. I’m Prakash and I’m an intern from Canada. Admittedly, I too have shown up to school with noodle breath and a few hours of sleep.

Prak Intern from Canada

I’m here in Bangkok for the next six months and during that time I’ll be putting together “Bridging the Gap”. It’s an educational info-series aimed at helping you answer that question: “What am I going to do with my life?!”

There will be 5 stages to this series and each one will correspond to a phase of your professional development. They are as follows:

  1. LEARN- how to succeed in University
  2. SEARCH- how to effectively look for employment
  3. WAIT- what to do while you are waiting to find a job
  4. FIND- what to do once you have found employment
  5. GROW- how to advance your career

If your goals seem far away or you’re looking for a little friendly advice on how to maximize your potential, Prak’s got your back. I’m not an expert in what I’ll be talking about (I’m still very much on this journey as well), but I can promise to give you an honest take on what it take to succeed and to back that up with research and ideas that work.

Here are a few of the things we’ll be covering over the next few articles.

    • How to get over the mental wall of every semester (yep, that wall).
    • How to actually motivate yourself. Not for a minute, or a day, but your whole darn life. *this one is kind of tough*
    • HOW TO BE MENTALLY TOUGH (see what I did there?)
    • How to eat and sleep like a champion. Yes, we’re talking B Vitamins and Chamomile Tea boys and girls.
    • The importance of Exercise. But like actually doing stuff. Not just going on your phone when you’re at the gym… I’m looking at you Tommy Texter.
    • The 12 Rules of Life as per Dr. Jordan Peterson. Because well… he’s a Doctor and the man speaks the truth.

Sound interesting? Heck yeah it does. Articles every week! Tell your friends, tell your cat!

Your new friend,


If you have a specific question you’d like to me to research and answer, send me an email at pprakash@edc.org.