Sign of Success: Industry partnership with HUE IC


Hue Industrial College Mekong Learning Center (MLC) tells how it works with industry partners in designing the curriculum and equipping youth with the skills industry needs.

On October 16, 2018, Hue Industrial College organized a meeting with its industry partners in a series of consultation to listen to the feedback from the industry about its training programs and the skills of their graduates. The workshop, titled “Connecting Demand-Supply between industry, research and education institutes, and local government.” Participating in the event includes 27 companies representing technology, manufacturing, and services attended the half-day meeting. Several representatives from relevant government departments, for example, the regional planning and investment department, industry and trade department, Science and Technology Department, Information and Communication Department and research institutions also attended.

The main demands of the industry include technical skills in digital technology, programming, cloud computing, design, and creative problem-solving skills. Industry partners also request for supports from research and education institutes, government department to cooperate with industry to solve some of their existing issues such as saving energy solutions.

Hue IC leaders, instructors, and academic affairs and quality assurance officials took notes from the industry feedback. Some industry partners suggested that HueIC should bring their industry curriculum to deliver at HueIC’s campuses. HueIC plans to brainstorm and come up with a plan and curriculum review and consult on it with the industry in the next meeting scheduled for the next semester. Representatives from local government and industry partners praised HueIC for its innovative workshop from the workshop’s title to the discussion. The workshop finished with an MOU signing ceremony between local government, industry partners, and HueIC for the continuing cooperation. The event was well covered by local and national media.